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Introducing the first global sales tax solution for SaaS

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Introducing the first global sales tax solution for SaaS

Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

Michelle Valentine


Michelle is a co-founder and CEO at Anrok, where she helps SaaS businesses reduce the complexity associated with sales tax.

Today we’re introducing the world’s first global sales tax solution built for SaaS. With Anrok, you can enable sales tax compliance in 40+ countries on a single platform, helping you protect your revenue as you expand outside the U.S.

Grow your international revenue, without growing your liability

The way software gets sold and delivered today means that companies of all sizes can, and do, have customers all across the world. It’s a big part of what enables hypergrowth for SaaS businesses. But with different tax laws everywhere in the world, the complexity of staying compliant ends up costing companies significant revenue as they grow. 

Regulations are catching up with the internet economy, and more jurisdictions worldwide are starting to apply sales tax or VAT to software-as-a-service and other digital goods and services. Today, most finance teams have to comply with separate sales thresholds, tax rates, and customer validation processes for dozens of jurisdictions across the globe.

At Anrok, our vision is to empower internet businesses to operate in any market. By solving global sales tax compliance, we’re enabling you to grow your revenue across borders, without growing your liability.

Sales tax, VAT, and GST—all in one platform 

Anrok is the only solution that lets you enable tax compliance in any region, country, state, or home-rule city on a single platform—no additional modules or add-ons required. 

For the first time ever, you can:

  • Monitor your sales tax, VAT, and GST exposure in 40+ countries on one platform
  • Validate and identify missing VAT IDs for B2B transactions 
  • Calculate sales tax, VAT, and GST across multiple currencies, in real time
  • Create reports and returns in functional, transaction, and return currencies
  • File and remit automatically in the U.S., and with a preferred partner for VAT

Whether you sell only to businesses, or consumers, or a mix of both, Anrok makes the path to VAT compliance easy. Never before has a single sales tax engine combined the power of VAT ID validation required for B2B transactions with the flexibility of multi-currency support required for global commerce. 

And that’s not all. We’ve also partnered with leading global accounting firms to file VAT returns for you, using your data in Anrok. This gives you the full compliance solution you need to grow your software business in 40+ countries outside the U.S. (and counting!)

Learn more about how Anrok handles VAT & GST compliance

A modern software solution for modern software businesses

Legacy sales tax platforms came on the scene before selling software in the cloud was the norm, so they weren’t built to support modern internet businesses. And they grew their global support via acquisitions. Not a single tax engine has built sales tax and VAT support completely in-house. Until now. 

🌎 The world is your oyster. We’re excited to go where you go next.

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Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

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