End-to-end sales tax automation for SaaS

Coverage for every step of US sales tax compliance, with everything from exposure monitoring to filing included.

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What is anrok?

Automated sales tax compliance, built for SaaS

Connect your financial stack

Sync your billing, payment, and HR systems with just a few clicks

Monitor exposure across the globe

Instantly see how growing sales affect your liability—and quickly take action

Calculate sales tax in real time

Always collect the right tax, with the most accurate rules for SaaS

File and report on autopilot

Built-in filing, remittance, and reconciliation simplify reporting

How it works

One platform for global sales tax compliance

Anrok takes care of every step on the path to compliance. Just integrate your stack and let us do the rest.


Sync your systems

Our no-code integrations make it easy to get started. Import and backfill transactions and employee locations, then easily map your products to the right tax codes.


Track your exposure

See where you have nexus—both physical and economic—for free. Monitor economic thresholds and see when a remote hire creates an exposure. Only pay when you remit.


Register instantly

Register for state sales tax with just a few clicks, for no additional fee. We’ll get you registered in any state or city that taxes SaaS, including home-rule jurisdictions.


Collect in real time

Anrok plugs into your existing billing and payment tools to calculate the right sales tax during checkout or invoice creation, without any extra steps.


Let us handle returns

Never miss another filing deadline with Anrok’s easy return prep. We deliver up-to-date returns for each filing period—just review and submit. And we automatically file for you in the US, for no extra fee.


Simplify reporting

Understand your finances like never before. From built-in sales tax reconciliation to powerful exposure modeling scenarios, save time and get audit ready with instant, configurable reports.

How we’re different

The only sales tax platform built for SaaS



No-code integrations with your billing and payroll systems
Real-time economic and physical nexus monitoring
Smart address lookups and built-in validation


Remote employee tracking for physical nexus
Support for home-rule jurisdictions
Designed to manage SaaS billing models


Detailed logs and exports for your future audit needs
Every transaction and line item, and associated tax
Access to all your returns and payments, anytime

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