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How Tekmetric got complete compliance by switching to Anrok

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Case studies
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How Tekmetric got complete compliance by switching to Anrok

Tekmetric needed a solution that could support their growing SaaS business. Learn how Anrok gave them the confidence to scale.

Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

Tekmetric, a software platform that helps auto repair shops manage their businesses, was founded in Houston in 2015.

Corporate Controller Beth Jones was there from the beginning, and has helped Tekmetric grow to over 100 employees, with customers all over the US.

With a background in accounting and tax management for small and large businesses alike, one of the first things Jones did was start the process of getting sales tax compliant. She quickly realized that compliance looked very different for a SaaS business.

“The SaaS world is specialized,” Jones says. “It has its own set of tax laws that are different from selling physical goods.”

As Tekmetric expanded their business beyond Texas, their revenue quickly grew—and so did their sales tax liability. Jones knew it was time to find a more scalable solution for managing compliance.

“When we started branching out to other states, our activity ramped up pretty quickly,” says Jones. “I know enough to know when I need help.”

A legacy tax tool that couldn’t keep up

Early on, Jones and her team sought out and implemented a legacy sales tax solution. But after onboarding, they still weren’t fully confident the tool could support the specifics of Tekmetric’s business model.

“We were on a big-box sales tax platform that was built more for physical products,” Jones says. “I didn't have comfort that it was considering the actual products that we were selling, which to date are all SaaS.”

This led to a lot of manual oversight from Jones’s team, to make sure that sales tax was being accurately calculated, collected, and reported as their business scaled. 

“We have customers and employees all across the United States, so we have to carefully watch nexus thresholds,” says Jones. “We ended up having to make a lot of manual adjustments.”

After one too many miscalculations, Jones was ready to find a tax platform that was better suited for Tekmetric’s SaaS business.

“That's when we found Anrok,” Jones says. “And it’s been happily ever after, ever since.”

“One of the great things about switching to Anrok is that we could easily connect multiple billing systems, saving us a lot of manual work.”

Beth Jones, Corporate Controller

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Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

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A simple but powerful solution for SaaS

The Tekmetric team found Anrok not only to speak the language of SaaS, but to be a more modern, integrated tool. That’s given Jones both peace of mind and precious hours back.

Tekmetric operates with two different billing systems, Chargebee and QuickBooks Online, to support its complex business model. Previously, getting a view of sales tax liability across both tools was a labor-intensive and error-prone process.

“With our original sales tax solution, we had Chargebee connected, but had to manually input the other invoices that were being created,” Jones says. “One of the great things about switching to Anrok is that we could easily connect multiple billing systems, saving us a lot of manual work.”

Jones and her team were able to quickly get up and running thanks to Anrok’s native integrations with both platforms.

“It's been set and forget it,” says Jones. “Once we got everything set up, it just works.”

Complete compliance on a modern stack

As Tekmetric’s business continues to grow, Jones looks to their Anrok dashboard often for a real-time view of their liability.

“The visual heatmap is my favorite tool,” Jones says. “It gives us a handle on where our risk could be, and where we are approaching nexus. I use that as a tool in reporting to executives and investors.”

That real-time map tracking Tekmetric’s sales tax exposure is another place where Anrok’s SaaS expertise has made a big difference. When Jones logs in, she sees up-to-date economic and physical nexus status based on the specific products Tekmetric sells, not a generic projection of potential liability.

“Our previous solution had a heatmap as well,” Jones says, “but it was configured for physical products. So it didn't actually reflect our true nexus.”

When they run into questions or need technical support, Jones is confident she can turn to the Anrok team—a major improvement from their experience with their previous platform.

“They definitely did not have a personal touch,” says Jones. “It was really frustrating whenever we did have questions or concerns to try to get to a real person and have someone who understood what our tax situation was. With Anrok, just knowing that we can get to a real person is obviously very comforting, but then actually enjoying working with those people makes it even better.”

These days, the Tekmetric team is able to manage sales tax compliance up to Jones’s careful standards, without spending more than a few hours each month. For Jones, that’s the biggest advantage they’ve gained from switching to a modern sales tax platform.

“Any efficiency is worth it,” Jones says. “We are a small team. We've always run lean. If it can shave off a half hour, that's a half hour you've gained—and we can definitely fill that time elsewhere.”

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