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Trainual switched to Anrok for simple implementation and SaaS expertise

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Case studies
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Trainual switched to Anrok for simple implementation and SaaS expertise

Learn how the Trainual team saved time and eliminated stress by switching to Anrok

Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

Trainual’s SaaS product helps teams capture internal knowledge to streamline onboarding, training, and other business processes.

Like many software businesses, Trainual has grown quickly—and the team found themselves facing a significant challenge in managing sales tax compliance as they scaled.

When Kelsey Curzon joined Trainual as its first accountant, the company was preparing for its Series B funding round. Curzon knew they needed to find a sustainable, automated sales tax solution as soon as possible.

“In the past, I worked for a company where we did all of our sales tax filings manually,” Curzon says. “When I joined Trainual and saw the spread of customers and our options for filing, I thought, there’s no way we can do this manually.”

A legacy tax tool that never started working

The company had purchased a legacy sales tax tool early on, so Curzon started by trying to get it up and running. But the team struggled to effectively implement the tool with their billing system, Stripe—and with the company’s nonexistent customer support.

“I literally could not get anybody to respond to my emails,” Curzon says. “At that point, I didn’t even care if the product worked. I didn’t want to work with a company that had such bad support.”

Trainual needed a reliable sales tax solution that would take the manual work off Curzon’s plate. She began a new search for a suitable sales tax solution and was relieved to find Anrok, a platform tailored specifically for SaaS businesses.

“The part of Anrok that I find most valuable is that I don’t have to think about it a whole lot.”

Kelsey Curzon
Finance and Accounting Manager, Trainual

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Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

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A simple solution and supportive team

After getting set up with Anrok, Curzon couldn’t believe how much the team had worried about solving sales tax. The implementation process was swift, and Anrok’s platform seamlessly integrated with Stripe, eliminating the need for complex and expensive integrations.

“I wish we had implemented Anrok a year earlier,” Curzon says. “The process was so easy, and we could have avoided so much stress. You’re so worried about growing when you’re a new company, but it didn’t take away that much time from us. It wouldn't have slowed down growth.”

Not only did Anrok provide a seamless solution, but the support from their team also played a vital role in Trainual’s success. Anrok’s team of experts understood the unique challenges faced by SaaS companies and provided the necessary tools and support to address Trainual’s compliance needs.

Curzon especially appreciates having access to experts like Anrok’s Head of Tax, Eleanor Henderson.

“Eleanor has been the best person I have ever worked with as a vendor,” Curzon says. “She provides so much support and knowledge, and makes me feel so confident in what we’re doing.”

Sales tax is nothing to worry about

Trainual’s journey with Anrok has proven to be transformative. By replacing an unreliable legacy solution with a fully automated tool, Trainual has achieved complete sales tax compliance without adding additional headcount or burdening their finance team.

“The part of Anrok that I find most valuable is that I don’t have to think about it a whole lot,” Curzon says. “I spend around four hours a month on sales tax, and that’s fully reconciling everything. Without Anrok, I probably would have had to hire someone a year and a half ago.”

Instead, Curzon can rest easy knowing that Trainual is fully compliant, and that Anrok’s platform and team will support them through future growth.

“Anrok is the thing I can’t live without,” Curzon says. “The Anrok product is absolutely fantastic, and the excellent support and expertise from the team have been invaluable.”

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