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How Sense automated sales tax with a complex billing stack

Learn how Anrok helped the Sense team get a quick and easy view of sales tax obligations despite a complex billing model and technical stack.

Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

Talent engagement platform Sense was founded in 2016 to help businesses hire great candidates faster. By late 2021, the team was preparing to raise a Series D funding round, and focused on meeting critical requirements for a rapidly maturing business.

Michael Spradlin, Sense’s Head of Business Operations, knew it was time to check a number of compliance tasks off the list, including finding a solution for automated sales tax compliance.

“You reach a critical mass where you realize that you need to get certain tools installed as fast as possible,” Spradlin says. "We wanted to ensure we were setting ourselves up with a strong compliance partner, because our accounting needs were only going to increase."

Spradlin and his team began the search for a sales tax tool that could handle the complexities of Sense’s billing model and their billing and payments stack.

Managing sales tax across multiple systems

Sense’s billing process runs through multiple tools, including Salesforce, Maxio, NetSuite, and Quicooks. Spradlin knew he needed a solution that could work across multiple systems, as well as weather any future changes to their billing process.

“Every company’s quote-to-cash set up is different and has some amount of customization that's unique,” Spradlin says. “You're stitching together a bunch of systems to know how much money you're making.”

Spradlin had experience setting up sales tax automation in the past, and knew the pros and cons of implementing a legacy solution.

“When you get into contracts with companies like Avalara, they want to minimize the time spent on customer support,” Spradlin says. “That just doesn't really fly at our company stage.”

Spradlin turned to his network to look for alternative options for the team to consider, and their accounting partners at Burkland Associates recommended Anrok as a better solution for companies like Sense.

After speaking with the Anrok team, Spradlin felt confident he’d found the right fit.

“We had lots of questions about the specifics of compliance and connecting all our systems,” Spradlin says. “And the Anrok team was just much more helpful.”

“We have a diversity of locations for our customers, but also our team members. It was very helpful to be able to see economic and physical nexus together, right away.”

Michael Spradlin, Head of Business Operations

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Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

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A comprehensive view of sales tax obligations

Despite the complexity of their billing process, the Sense team was able to easily get up and running with Anrok.

“It was a very good experience,” Spradlin says. “It wasn't that much work, I think, for either Anrok or us, and it happened quickly because the right people were on the phone and we were able to talk to smart humans.”

After connecting their systems, the Sense team got an instant, aggregated view of where their sales stacked up against nexus thresholds. Spradlin especially appreciated the built-in support for tracking how employee locations impact sales tax obligations.

“The way things are presented in Anrok is very easy to understand and modern,” Spradlin says. “We have a diversity of locations for our customers, but also our team members. It was very helpful to be able to see economic and physical nexus together, right away.”

Compliance without the complexity

With Anrok in place, the Sense team spends less than three hours a month managing their compliance.

“It’s been very low-maintenance for us, which is important when you think about all the things a company like this has to do,” says Spradlin. “I don’t want to be thinking about sales tax all the time. That’s not going to be the thing that moves the needle for us. But it does have to happen.”

As Sense’s team and business expand globally, Anrok’s responsive support team and comprehensive coverage have helped put Spradlin at ease.

“It’s really nice to know that all the details are handled,” Spradlin says. “I’ve been able to set it and forget it in a lot of ways, and that’s a good reflection on the value of the service being provided.”

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Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

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