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Notion leverages Anrok to solve tax for its global SaaS business

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Case studies
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Notion leverages Anrok to solve tax for its global SaaS business

Learn why the fast-moving Notion finance team chose Anrok when sales tax became a critical issue for their business.

Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

Notion is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the SaaS space today. Their product, a connected workspace where individuals and teams can organize their work with docs, wikis, projects, and more, has more than 20 million users and has earned them a $10B valuation.

For Notion’s finance team, that means moving quickly to keep up with the operations and compliance needs of their rapidly expanding business.

“We have millions of customers, all over the world,” says Katya Ewing, Notion’s Tax Lead. “A business of our scale needs an automated solution to accurately charge tax in every country we operate.”

That might sound like a basic capability of any sales tax platform, but global SaaS businesses like Notion have some specific challenges that most tax tools are not designed to solve.

“Notion’s blend of B2B and B2C sales complicates tax compliance,” Ewing says. “We require a tool capable of managing diverse tax rules, validating addresses and tax IDs for precise calculations, and keeping up with our high transaction volume.”

Gaps in compliance coverage strained Notion’s resources

Legacy sales tax tools, often designed for a wide variety of businesses, do not cater to the specific needs of SaaS business models. This issue forces companies such as Notion to combine multiple tools or packages to meet their requirements, frequently necessitating additional expenditure on external accounting support. This approach not only inflates budgets but also places additional pressure on the finance team to address any shortcomings.

“I’ve used several other tax tools,” says Ewing. “Usually their main selling point is the number of different types of products they can support. But they often don’t have the core features we need as a SaaS business.”

Many tax platforms are limited in their ability to support recurring transactions, cover all the jurisdictions where SaaS is taxable, and integrate technically into a high-volume, low-friction checkout flow.

Notion implemented various traditional sales tax tools, but encountered technical issues during checkout integration. This situation had the potential to raise the company's vulnerability to fraud and unnecessary risk. The need to replace these tools with a solution that could address the complex needs of the company became a priority. 

“We have great coverage with Anrok, and the team is really responsive. We were able to smoothly switch to Anrok within three weeks.”

Katya Ewing
Head of Tax, Notion

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Anrok | Streamlined sales tax for SaaS

Table of contents

An end-to-end tax platform for Notion’s global business

Like many SaaS businesses, Notion utilizes multiple billing systems along with a custom-built checkout flow. Notion needed a tax tool that would play well with its current tool stack, as well as any tools they might introduce later.

As a sales tax platform built specifically for SaaS, Anrok met Notion’s requirements.

“The implementation was really smooth,” Ewing says. “We were able to make the switch to Anrok within three weeks.”

Notion’s engineering team worked directly with Anrok to make the transition seamless.

“Working with Anrok’s API and integrations was straightforward, and I didn’t need much handholding,” says billing engineer Nate Pinsky, who worked on the project. “When I did have questions, the Anrok team was very supportive and helpful throughout the process.”

Revenue protection, streamlined compliance, and peace of mind

Pinsky’s top priority was eliminating the risk of fraud at checkout, and switching to Anrok delivered some much-needed peace of mind.

For the finance team, the difference is night and day. Anrok’s end-to-end automation and hands-on customer support have taken a lot of the manual work off Notion’s plate.

With Anrok in place, the Notion team is able to turn their attention to other company priorities.

“We have great coverage with Anrok, and the team is really responsive,” says Ewing. “I’m grateful for this partnership and addition to our compliance tool stack.”

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