Anrok VS Vertex

A modern Vertex alternative for SaaS

Anrok is built to handle the needs of today’s software businesses with accurate sales tax and VAT automation.

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Trusted by leading SaaS companies
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How we’re different

The only sales tax platform built for SaaS



Fast, easy onboarding and implementation
Real-time economic and physical nexus monitoring
Smart address lookups and built-in validation


Remote employee tracking for physical nexus
Support for home-rule jurisdictions
Designed to manage SaaS product codes & billing


Detailed logs and exports for your future audit needs
A record of every transaction and associated tax
Access to all your returns and payments, anytime

Real-time alerts for physical and economic nexus exposure

Unlike Vertex, Anrok automatically monitors your physical nexus exposure by syncing with your HRIS or payroll tool to map employee locations. You'll get instant notifications every time you reach nexus.

Free in-app state registration

With Anrok, you can register to collect sales tax in any US jurisdiction, directly from the app. Vertex requires cumbersome add-ons and manual processes to get registered.

Coverage for all the nuances of SaaS

Anrok seamlessly handles home-rule jurisdictions like Boulder and Chicago, unlike Vertex. We also support credit memos, true-ups, VAT ID validation, and exemption certificates all in one platform, at no extra cost.

Robust reporting and reconciliation

Easily access the reports you need in-app or export to CSV. See balances at any time, for any period, so you can quickly reconcile sales tax payables and close the books faster. Our exposure modeling tool helps teams address liabilities in order of materiality.

First-class service and expertise

We hear time and again how hard it is to get support from Vertex. With Anrok, you'll have a team of SaaS tax experts helping you onboard quickly, understand your exposure, and get compliant.

Loved by finance and ops teams

SaaS company operators save time, money, and stress by choosing Anrok over Vertex.

Temi Vasco Controller at Gem Image

Temi Vasco

Controller at Gem
“With other tools, getting to compliance was going to be a long and expensive journey. With Anrok, the journey was simple, and the team provided white-glove service along the way.”
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Dave Jaras VP of Finance at AgentSync image

Dave Jaras

VP of Finance at AgentSync
"Before Anrok, I didn't have a clear understanding of when or where we were going to trigger nexus. Now, sales tax compliance is at the bottom of my list of things to worry about."
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Beth Jones

Corporate Controller at Tekmetric
“One of the great things about switching to Anrok is that we could easily connect multiple billing systems, saving us a lot of manual work.”
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Anrok is a complete sales tax solution for SaaS

Connect seamlessly with your billing and payment stack and roll out sales tax with confidence

Automate nexus monitoring, registration, filing, and more

Maximize revenue earned and devote your finance and developer resources to growing your business

See how Anrok compares to Vertex

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